Paul Byers

Action...      Adventure...    Mystery....    Intrigue...    Suspense...
That's just the first page...

 Space is an unforgiving place, and even simple decisions can make the 
 difference between life and death. Astronaut Evan Grant is confronted by
 this harsh reality first hand when he's recalled from a low orbit, low profile
 mission and tasked with a high priority, deep-space flight that will have
 repercussions affecting millions-including his wife and young son.

 Official Mission Statement: A rescue mission to retrieve two down astronauts who
 crash landed on an alien world. Hidden Objectives: One, determine if the
 spacecraft crashed due to mechanical failure of if it was brought down by hostile
 alien fire. Two, scout for possible invasion sites, depending upon the findings of
 the first objective. Personal Objectives: How far will the mission Commander go
 to rescue the downed pilots and keep peace? How far will the Second-in- 
 Command go to punish the aliens and promote war?
 Paranoia can make you hear things that aren't there, see shadows in the
 sunlight, and turn on friends you've known for years. Three college students
 begin to have suspicions that a fellow classmate is not who or what he says he is.
 Are the things they suspect about him true or are they just victims of their own
 overactive imaginations? Perhaps they should take to heart the old proverb- just
 because you're paranoid, doesn't mean that someone isn't after you.

 Sex, along with greed, has been the ruin of more men than any other vice. The
 motivation for both is clear, but both have consequences that are often
 unforeseen and unpredictable. The crew of a deep-space exploration ship have
 stumbled upon an unknown planet and made a startling and unexpected
 discovery- the world is rich in untapped wealth that will enrich them beyond their
 wildest imaginations. The only thing standing between them and riches untold are
 the planet's inhabitants; a simple, backwards people who look upon the
 spacefarers as gods. What could possible go wrong?

Returning from a covert mission, the crew of a nuclear powered submarine surface after several months in isolation to find the world they left behind ablaze in a  planet-wide funeral pyre. Their advanced weaponry gives them the might to retaliate, but do they have the right? What would you do with all that power-seek justice or revenge?

Does a persons moral compass stay true despite their circumstances or is it dictated by the situations they find themselves in? Isolated and trapped, a group of refugees are forced to take extraordinary measures in order to survive. Rescue comes, but only after a terrible price has been paid. However, those still living soon realize that salvation, like survival, comes at a horrific price.

Two fortune seekers defy government orders and sneak across guarded borders pursuing a treasure that some say doesn't exist. If they are successful, their discovery will put them in the history books. If they fail, their remains will be the subject of archeologists in the next century.               


Praise for Act of God

"Paul Byers delights in providing the reader with surprising twists and turns in this highly entertaining collection of sci-fi short stories. Riveting action keeps you turning pages, compelling messages get you thinking, and the unexpected leaves you wanting more. Very addictive!” Rai Aren, co-author of Secret of the Sandsds


"Paul Byers new collection of short stories are sure to excite. A thrilling blend of science fiction and action that will also make you think." Craig Alexander, author of The Nineveh Project


"A commanding, poignant collection, Act of God compels the reader to acknowledge the frailty of human morality as it assails the senses with brutally honest prose, dynamic plotlines that plunge forward at breakneck speed, and profoundly descriptive wordplay. Forget about science fiction—this is as real as it gets." Nate Granzow, author of The Scorpion’s Nest

His books "Catalyst" and Arctic Fire" are both well written Thrillers and excellent reading! If you are a fan of Action/Thrillers as I am, you will certainly enjoy his collection of short stories in "ACT OF GOD". Jacamo Peterson, author of A Hard Place: A Sergeants’ Tale and Blademaster of Norda


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